AMTE Power delivers its first Ultra Prime cells to its customer for testing

AMTE Power plc (LON:AMTE), a leading UK developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery cells for specialist markets, has announced the delivery of its first Ultra Prime cells to its customer for testing.

The cells have been delivered in accordance with the terms of the existing supply and development agreement with that customer for characterisation and certification purposes, with more cells to be shipped as part of the development programme.

AMTE Power’s Ultra Prime cell is a non-rechargeable cell designed for use in some of the most difficult environments on earth, with very high energy density and high-temperature performance. This cell also has a low self-discharge, making it well suited for applications where temperature high pressure and accessibility are key considerations.

The cells were manufactured at AMTE Power’s purpose-built cell manufacturing facility in Thurso, Scotland. Going forward, Thurso will continue to scale-up production of the Ultra Prime cells as well as continuing to be a centre for cell research and development.

Alan Hollis, CEO of AMTE Power, commented:

“AMTE Power is one of the only manufacturers of battery cells in the UK today and, although this delivery will have minimal impact on this year’s financial performance, it is a crucial first step to have delivered Ultra Prime cells into the hands of our customer. We will continue to scale up production of the Ultra Prime cells at Thurso as we meet the customer demand for this product. We look forward to providing further updates on our progress at the interim results on the 8th March.”

AMTE Power Customer, commented:

“We are pleased to have received the cells from AMTE Power. The cell testing phase is an important milestone for our business, and we look forward to carrying out the testing and building on our existing relationship with AMTE Power.”

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AMTE Power

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