Employee experience: what are ‘moments’ and why should you care about them in a hybrid work model

Hybrid working has been a reality for many organisations for some time. For many, the focus has been on logistics and how often employees need to work in the office. Now is the time for HR leaders to finesse the finer details of the hybrid employee experience to ensure that, regardless of where or when an employee works, they are able to perform at their best and feel encouraged to stay.

What are micromoments within the employee experience?

In the world of customer experience, the term micro-moments or “moments that matter” refers to small experiences customers have that play a significant role in shaping their perceptions of a brand. In our latest report, Reconfigured, Harriet Molyneaux, Managing Director of HSM, argues that the same principle applies to employee experience, particularly as companies experiment with new hybrid working models.

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