European Data Hub case study

European Data Hub is a state-of-the-art data center situated in the heart of Luxembourg. It offers nearly 5,500 m2 of IT space divided into private areas ranging from 20 m2 to 1,000 m2 each. Beyond being a Tier IV Data Center, it is entirely underground offering the highest level of security while
integrating the most innovative technologies.

How did you find out about STREAM?

Having freshly embarked on an ISO 27001 project, I entered a deep research phase to find a tool to help me. Being new to the topic, I looked for guidance and discovered STREAM via a University of Twente master’s thesis written by Dan Ionita called ‘Current Established Risk Assessment Methodologies and Tools’. This thesis was one of the most valuable readings at that time. After evaluating a number of different risk tools, STREAM emerged as a clear favorite.

Drumz plc (LON:DRUM) is an investing company whose policy is to invest principally but not exclusively in the technology sector within Europe. On 4 September 2020, Drumz made an investment in Acuity Risk Management Ltd, which operates an award winning software business specialising in risk management. 

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