Fidelity Asian Values Grabbing hold of the tiger’s tail (Analyst Interview)

Fidelity Asian Values plc (LON:FAS) is the topic of conversation when Mark Thomas, Analyst at Hardman & Co joins DirectorsTalk. Mark gives us an overview of his report, discusses the market opportunity in Asia, the company’s position within that market, the risks and valuation.

Fidelity Asian Values PLC provides shareholders with a differentiated equity exposure to Asian Markets. Asia is the world’s fastest-growing economic region and the trust looks to capitalise on this by finding good businesses, run by good people and buying them at a good price.

The trust favours smaller companies as this gives it the opportunity to find mispriced businesses, the “winners of tomorrow”, before they become well known.

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    Fidelity Asian Values: Grabbing hold of the tiger’s tail

    Fidelity Asian Values plc (LON:FAS) gives investors liquid access to the attractive small-cap Asian market (ex-Japan). Its long-term returns have beaten UK markets, Asian benchmarks, listed peers and open-ended fund comparators. This performance is driven by i) superior