Immotion Group targets zoo revenues with “Blockbuster” Gorilla Trek Virtual Reality (Interview)

Immotion Group plc (LON:IMMO) Group Commercial Director Rod Findley joins DirectorsTalk Interviews to discuss he launch of Gorilla Trek, a new live-action virtual reality experience, at the IAAPA trade show in Florida.

Rod provides us with a little background on the current business with regard to aquariums, explains how they are now expanding its offering to zoos, talks us through the the potential market, how the offering will be housed and having had significant growth since coming out of the pandemic whether the company can sustain this type of growth.

Immotion Group aims to become a leader in the Western market sector of the “Out of Home” virtual reality market, with the objective of creating recurring revenues from a large installed base of Virtual Reality headsets across partner sites and ImmotionVR experience centres.

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Immotion Group plc

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