Nanosynth applications

Animal Food

Selective breeding has helped the global demand for animal-based products, but the nutritional value and flavour is often compromised. These animals require additional supplements to their plant-based diets to meet health and wellbeing standards and growth efficiencies. Currently, supplemented livestock feed production is estimated to be just over one billion tonnes annually. As well as supporting crop production, our nanoparticles are now also used in livestock feed supplements, where we have found that they are typically twice as effective as their traditional alternates, enabling the farmer to use less and produce less waste.

Disease Control

The persistent nature of pesticides has raised much attention, however, the need to control infectious disease and infestations in crops is of paramount importance to meet the global food demand. 

Nanosynth group plc (LON:NNN) is focused on the synthesis and application of nanoparticles. The group uses a patented process developed by Dr Cave at Nottingham Trent University.  It has three subsidiaries; Pharm 2 Farm Ltd, nanosynth ltd and Cloudveil.

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Nanosynth Group plc

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