Solid-state batteries set to transform the EV market

Sales of battery-electric vehicles have begun to accelerate and, by some estimates could account for as much as half of the U.S. automotive market by 2030. But not everyone is convinced, skeptics pointing to their higher cost, limited range, slower charging times and other limitations.

But a growing number of automakers believe help is on the way in the form of next-generation solid-state batteries. This new technology could provide the critical push that makes BEVs as easy and cost-efficient to own and operate as today’s gas-powered vehicles.

Ilika plc (LON:IKA) is a pioneer in solid state battery technology enabling solutions for applications in Industrial IoT, MedTech, Electric Vehicles and Consumer Electronics.

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Ilika plc

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Ilika plc

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Ilika plc

Solid state batteries can further boost climate benefits of EVs

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Ilika plc

Year of consolidation for Ilika before Stereax sales take off

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Ilika plc

Ilika commercial demand is very strong (LON:IKA)

Ilika’s Graeme Purdy discusses their Stereax tech transfer, process qualification, commercial demand, how the £24 million will be deployed, the scale up risk for Goliath and succeeding against well-funded competitors in this exclusive interview with DirectorsTalk.

Ilika plc

Ilika progress, demand, scale-up and competition (VIDEO)

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Ilika plc

Ilika at Celebrating the UK Battery Ecosystem

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Ilika plc

How do solid state batteries power automotive sensors?

The automotive industry is rapidly changing with vehicles becoming smarter and pressure on manufacturers to produce better electric vehicles with greater range and quicker charging time. At Ilika, we’re manufacturing small Stereax solid state batteries for the sensors

Ilika plc

Ilika starts six-month economic feasibility study with the UKBIC

Ilika, pioneers of Solid State Battery (SSB) technology for electric vehicles, has started a six-month economic feasibility study with the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC) to understand what is required to create a dedicated 100 MWh SSB manufacturing

Ilika plc

Ilika plc Goliath scale-up update

Economic Assessment Commences on Integrating a 100 MWh Solid-State Battery Manufacturing Line at the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre Ilika plc (LON: IKA), a pioneer in solid-state battery (SSB) technology, today announced it has started a six-month economic feasibility study

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