Symphony’s response to second Scottish consultation on plastics

The Scottish Government
SUPD, Zero Waste Team,
3HS Victoria Quay,
Edinburgh EH66QQ


1.1 Symphony Environmental Technologies plc (Symphony) is a leading supplier of oxobiodegradable plastic technology worldwide, and has been developing the technology for 20 years. Symphony has sold enough masterbatch to make 1,747,900 tonnes of oxobiodegradable plastic products, and we have never received a report that the technology does
not work, nor that it has created microplastics, nor that it has ever adversely affected recycling. We have our own laboratory and we employ polymer scientists with great skill and experience in this field. We are the only publicly quoted company in this industry, and we are accredited to
ISO 9001 and 14001.

Symphony Environmental Technologies plc (LON:SYM) is a world leader in the development of additives to make ordinary plastic biodegradable and protective technologies to enhance plastic products.

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    Symphony Environmental

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