9 ways to manage the hybrid workplace which are easy to implement

Whether working remotely or getting back to business in the office, flexible working is here to stay. Which means that businesses across the world are embracing the idea of a hybrid workplace; the notion that employees can work from the office or work from home. The model has been created in an attempt to decrease the workforce on site at one time, and therefore allow for effective social distancing, as we emerge from the restraints of lockdown and begin to rebuild a face-to-face working culture across the world.

Inevitably, with new compliance challenges post-pandemic, this hybrid workplace is one which advocates both in-office and remote working. To be successful it needs to be managed effectively with a combination of clear communication from management teams and tools that help facilitate a workplace with new health and safety considerations associated with the pandemic.

SmartSpace Software Plc (LON:SMRT) is focused on technologies that make real estate more efficient and organisations more effective. They provide leading smart workplace software and technology to the commercial workplace, retail and hospitality real estate sectors. 

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