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Pennant International plc

Software-based procedural trainers

Software-based procedural trainers offer a realistic and immersive training experience, allowing learners to gain practical skills in maintaining and repairing equipment. These trainers enable hands-on practice, promote workflow familiarity, and

Tern plc

Tern’s portfolio update highlights transition period

Tern announced an update on its portfolio activity. Individual companies are gaining commercial traction, with configuration work turning to repeat licencing as businesses move to SaaS models. As flagged, valuations

Tern plc

Investor Webinar Recording in Full (VIDEO)

Tern Plc (LON:TERN), the company focused on value creation from Internet of Things (“IoT”) technology businesses, has announced that a recording of the investor webinar held on Tuesday 21 November 2023 and featuring presentations by

Team Internet plc

Team Internet’s name change shows clear strategic focus

Team Internet, formerly CentralNic Group, is a diversified UK software company operating through two businesses, Online Presence (internet domain purchasing) and Online Marketing (monetising online traffic). The group marked its