A new era of data centres in Singapore

Around the world, individuals and corporations are working to reduce their carbon footprints. In Southeast Asia, Singapore and other ASEAN countries are no exception as well. More initiatives are being

Fintel plc

Fintel Plc appoint Phil Smith as Non-Executive Director

Fintel plc (LON: FNTL), the leading provider of Fintech and support services to the UK retail financial services sector, has announced the appointment of Phil Smith as Independent Non-Executive Director with immediate

Building the green data centre of the future

Data centres have been a popular topic of discussion lately, especially with the growth of the digital economy and the renewed focus on digital transformation across practically every industry. Not

The new era of data centres

The world over, sustainability has moved to the top of the agenda – not just in business, or data centres, but for everyone, everywhere. The collective experience of doing whatever

Fintel plc

Fintel to hold AGM on Tuesday 17 May 2022

Fintel plc (LON:FNTL), the leading provider of fintech and support services to the UK retail financial services sector, has announced that its annual report for the year ended 31 December 2021 and the

The data center of the future

The switch from on-premises data centers to the cloud has enabled companies to offload a lot of the complexity involved in maintaining a data center, providing access to computing, storage