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Addressing the market of digital-first users

From cost-saving strategies to challenges in customer experience, the telecoms industry is adapting to a world driven by social media and digital commerce. Are CSPs equipped to meet the demands

Avation plc

ATR’s product development strategy

With a steadfast commitment to further connecting people and businesses in a responsible and affordable manner, ATR is continuously evolving its products to cater to the current and future needs

Ilika plc

Trailblazers in the Solid State Battery sector

The solid state battery is a beacon of hope for a host of applications—most notably, electric vehicles (EVs) and consumer electronics—promising safer, more efficient, and higher-capacity power storage solutions than


Hercules buys into recruitment firm Future Build

Future Build Recruitment, a specialist UK-based white-collar recruitment company operating in the UK construction industry, is the first acquisition that Hercules has made since its foundation by Brusk Korkmaz in

Pennant International plc

Driver Training

Pennant’s Driver Briefing has been an industry-standard package for driver route learning and training for over 15 years. Network change projects, where significant track and signalling changes are made, require

Trends shaping European real estate

As we are seeing with almost every other industry worldwide, the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry is being revolutionised by change, with no area immune. The global real estate market

Time Finance plc

Unpicking this year’s Autumn Statement

‘110 measures for growth’ was a bold statement from the Chancellor in this year’s Autumn Statement, and it’ll be tricky to scrutinise in full but there were some big announcements