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Charity says 10 severe reactions can strike at any time

Allergies can strike unexpectedly in children, with severe reactions to certain foods often being life-threatening. Allergy UK says childhood food allergies are becoming increasingly common, with around one in 12 young children

Tirupati Graphite plc

Why is graphite so special?

What is Graphite? Graphite is a common allotrope of carbon and is distinctively the most stable form of carbon (even more so than diamond) under standard conditions. It is unique

Nanoco Group PLC

Manchester quantum tech company wins big contract

Manchester-based novel nanomaterials firm Nanoco Group plc announced it signed a “major work package” with its “important European electronics customer” that more than doubles the group’s order book year-on-year. As a result,

Pensana plc

Pensana Rare Earths facility at Saltend

A planning application to build the UK’s first rare earth materials processing facility on vacant land adjacent to the Saltend Chemicals Park (East of Paull Road) has been approved by

DF Capital

Small banks raise rates for savers

Banks are boosting interest paid to savers following this month’s rise in official lending rates, taking the best deal for three-year bank deposits to 3 per cent for the first