Mining and Metals

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The forgotten foundation of the green economy

When we think of the global economic transition from fossil fuels to renewables, we often think of electric vehicles (EVs) and lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are incredibly important; however, even

Iron ore hits 6-week high

Dalian and Singapore iron ore futures climbed to their highest in six weeks on Monday, with traders betting on a recovery in demand as top steel producer China was reportedly

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What are critical minerals?

The criticality of minerals can also be discussed and assessed in the context of the climate transition. The technologies required to enable a low-carbon transition will require more of these raw materials

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Structure and properties of flake graphite

Flake graphite has a layered structure constituting carbon atoms in a hexagonal lattice. Each planer layer constitutes carbon atoms with sp2 configuration, each carbon atom is bonded to three other

Iron ore at two-week high on stimulus hope

Dalian and Singapore iron ore futures hit their highest in two weeks on Thursday as sentiment improved on the prospects of Chinese stimulus policies to revive the economy, better-than-expected factory

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A guide to the rare earths market

The rare earth elements (REE) comprise a group of seventeen metallic elements, including the fifteen lanthanides present in the periodic table, along with scandium and yttrium. Traditionally, these REEs are

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Gold prices tick up

Gold prices ticked up in early Asian trade on Thursday, helped by a softer dollar, but were stuck in a tight range as traders focused on the U.S. debt ceiling

Where does vanadium come from?

Vanadium is a transition metal that plays a vital role in a range of industrial and technological applications. From strengthening steel to powering batteries, this versatile element has become increasingly