Android and iOS smartphone users warned about ‘Exodus’ malware

Technological advancements are being made every day. Unfortunately, with every step forward there seems to be greater dangers out there in the tech world.
The latest comes in the form of ‘Exodus’ malware, which is targeting Android and iOS users. It’s been reported that this type of cyberattack can steal passwords and photos.

The Mirror has covered this latest cyber worry. A report, published earlier this month, summarised exactly what smartphone users need to be aware of.

However, the discovery was first made by Security Without Borders. The team there first found the malware in Android smartphones. They are dubbing it ‘Exodus’.

Defenx PLC (LON:DFX), founded in 2009 and listed on the London Stock Exchange, is an up-and-coming company in the mobile security sector which offers a wide range of solutions for the protection of smartphones, desktop PCs and laptops.

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    Defenx Plc

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