Applications of Ferro-vanadium

Ferrovanadium is an alloy used as an additive to improve the quality of ferroalloys. It is also used in the manufacturing of steel for the products to be light weight and have high tensile strength. Ferrovanadium is a combination of iron and vanadium, and the content of vanadium varies from 35% to 80%. It improves corrosion resistance to sulfuric and hydrochloric acids as well as alkali solutions. Apart from iron and vanadium, small amounts of certain elements are also found in ferrovanadium such as aluminum, silicon, sulfur, carbon, arsenic, phosphorus, copper, arsenic, and manganese. Depending on the concentration of these substances, the grade of ferrovanadium is determined.

Application of Ferrovanadium

The most common application of ferrovanadium is in the production of steel. Over the years, ferrovanadium has found its applications in various other industries as well. The largest use of vanadium accounts in ferrovanadium for 85% or more. Based on the vanadium content, there are two common grades of ferrovanadium, a 45-55% vanadium product and a 78-82% vanadium product.

Ferro-Alloy Resources Limited (LON:FAR) is developing the giant Balasausqandiq vanadium deposit in Kyzylordinskaya oblast of southern Kazakhstan.  The ore at this deposit is unlike that of nearly all other primary vanadium deposits and is capable of being treated by a much lower cost process.

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