Applied Graphene Materials launches its own range of anti-corrosion primers

Applied Graphene Materials plc (LON:AGM), the producer of specialty graphene nanoplatelet (GNP) dispersions, has today announced the introduction of a range of industrial anti-corrosion primers based on its own well-established Genable technology.

As a multifunctional additive, graphene nanoplatelets have been shown to provide highly effective barrier and anti-corrosion properties in paints and coatings at extremely low loading levels. Following outstanding results through extensive inhouse research and testing, the Company has developed two new prototype paint systems using its graphene products.

The two epoxy-based primers represent an easy way for those considering the adoption of graphene to quickly test and evaluate its potential benefits within a starting point formulation.

The Genable Epoxy primer is a C3-rated hybrid product which combines graphene with a zinc phosphate additive to enable the end-user to benefit from the synergies offered by both systems in standard applications, such as urban and industrial environments. The Genable CX primer is a high-performance hybrid system, but this formulation is based on graphene and aluminium chemistries and also offers anti-corrosion protection for  harsh environments, such as offshore and marine applications.

While many manufacturers continue to test graphene in their formulations, the use of these safe, easy-to apply epoxy-based primers is expected to also allow AGM’s customers to accelerate graphene adoption. As a leading innovator in graphene dispersion and application technology, the Company is working closely with partners such as the UK Environment Agency (EA) so as to demonstrate the performance benefits of graphene-based paints and coatings on a wider scale with a view to EA adopting and utilising AGM products to protect its extensive portfolio of assets.

Adrian Potts, Chief Executive Officer of Applied Graphene Materials said:

“We are pleased to be able to launch these two Genable primer products, which we anticipate will help further accelerate the adoption of graphene nanoplatelet technology with our coatings customers. Our technology development programmes have focused on extensive testing and evaluation for a range of applications and this experience is valuable in guiding customers in the use of our products. Having demonstrator primers is expected to further help customers realise the benefits of this technology in a practical way. We look forward to the products being a further useful means of enabling faster adoption of our products in the protective coatings space.” 

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Applied Graphene Materials plc

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