Are patients still talking about Covid-19?

As the COVID pandemic unfolded, pharmaceutical companies were suddenly thrust into the limelight with the virus becoming a household topic. Fast forward three and a half years, these very same companies are now rolling out their updated mRNA Covid-19 vaccines to combat the prevalent circulating variants [1].

In March 2020, numerous states implemented stay-at-home orders, causing millions to turn to the internet for communication. This situation led to a staggering 5-fold surge in online conversations about vaccines compared to pre-pandemic times. Now, nearly 4 years after the pandemic began, is the patient still talking about COVID?Talking Medicines is revolutionizing healthcare by unlocking intelligence within Conversational Data.  

A sample of Conversational Data from over 8,000 unique sources (sourced from Talking Medicines’ Data Aggregator) was curated. The examination focused on aggregated trends and patterns within the evolving discourse surrounding Covid-19 vaccine brands, since the onset of the pandemic. The data was classified using Talking Medicines’ proprietary patient voice classifier and encompassed both conventional medical platforms and other open sites where authors share their health experiences. 

Tern plc (LON:TERN) backs exciting, high growth IoT innovators in Europe. They provide support and create a genuinely collaborative environment for talented, well-motivated teams. The Talking Medicines mission is to be the World’s Gold Standard for Patient Intelligence by Medicine.

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