ASIS 2018 – A Round-Up

Falanx Assynt had a very successful time at ASIS 2018 in Rotterdam. The team hosted a number of Assynt’s current clients and interested future clients on the stand, engaging in very interesting conversations around strategic security, geopolitical and resilience questions. As a result of the event, Falanx Assynt are already in a number of detailed follow-up discussions with clients, partners and industry peers.

James Brandon delivered a very well received presentation on the ways in which predictive intelligence can both enhance resilience and add value to the roles of the risk, resilience and security professionals community. Current and previous Falanx Assynt clients spoke vocally on the effectiveness of the team’s services in their experience which sent a very powerful message to those attendees gathered.

Falanx Assynt would like to thank Michiel, Benedicte and the whole ASIS Europe team for putting on an excellent event and to the team’s friends, clients and network who took the time to pass by the stand.

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