Bearing monitoring

The Gyrometric IME system of bearing monitoring measures digitally the actual displacement of rotating shafts. The movement monitored in the X and Y planes is a direct measurement of the play in the bearing itself, and requires no interpretation. The information may be compared with historic data, or be subjected to algorithms to produce bearing failure warnings.

Sensors are attached to the monitored shaft, and signals from the sensors are processed by a small control box. The output from the control box is via Ethernet, and can be either processed locally, or sent out over the web to a remote monitoring station. Warnings of bearing failure are sent out automatically.

Remote Monitored Systems (LON:RMS) is focused on the continued development of the Company’s ‘Survey & Inspection’ business. RMS also has a majority interest in GyroMetric Systems Limited, which develops and manufactures digital monitoring and safeguarding systems for rotating shafts.

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