Capital Ltd FY21 revenue of $226.8 million, up 68% on FY 2020

Capital Ltd (LON:CAPD) has announced its full year results for the year ended 31 December 2021.

 20212020% change
Revenue ($ m)226.8135.068.0%
EBITDA1 ($ m)73.333.8116.9%
EBIT1 ($ m)51.921.6140.3%
Adjusted net profit ($ m)36.611.2226.6%
Investment Gains  ($ m)33.713.6147.9%
Net Profit After Tax ($ m)70.324.8183.5%
Cash From Operations ($ m)42.636.018.3%
Capex ($ m)46.342.29.6%
Earnings per Share   
Basic (adjusted) (cents)19.27.9141.7%
Basic (cents)37.017.8108.2%
Final / Interim Dividend per Share (cents)2.41.384.6%
Total dividend per Share (cents)
Adjusted ROCE (%) 322.722.22.4%
Net cash / (debt) ($m)(31.9)5.0 
Investments ($m)60.227.2121.4%
Adjusted Net Cash (Including Investments) ($ m)28.332.2(12.2)%
Net Cash/Equity (%)12.921.9(41.2)%

*All amounts are in US dollars unless otherwise stated

(1)      EBITDA, EBIT, Net Asset Value per share and Net Cash are non-IFRS financial measures and should not be used in isolation or as a substitute for Capital Limited financial results presented in accordance with IFRS.
(2)      ROCE calculated utilising 12 months EBIT.
(3)      Adjusted ROCE excludes Mining Assets and Prepayments, Net Equity Raise proceeds and Sukari prepayment from Capital Employed.

Financial Overview

·      FY2021 revenue of $226.8 million, up 68% on FY 2020 ($135.0 million);

·      2021 EBITDA of $73.3 million, up 116.9% on FY 2020 ($33.8 million);

·      EBITDA margins increased to 32.3% up from 25.0% in FY 2020;

·      Net gains from equity investments of $33.7 million in 2021 (realised + unrealised), increasing the value of Group strategic investments to $60.2 million, net of cash proceeds, as of 31 December 2021 (31 December 2020: $27.2 million);

·      Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) $70.3 million (including investment gains), an increase of 183.5% on FY 2020 ($24.8 million); and adjusted net profit after tax of $36.6 million, up 226.6% on FY 2020 ($11.2 million);

·      Cash capex of $46.3 million, up 9.6% on FY2020 ($42.2 million);

·      Cash from operations of $42.6 million, an increase of 18.3% on FY 2020 ($36.0 million);

·      Net cash including investments of $28.3 million, down from net cash including investments of $32.2 million at year end 2020;

·      Basic earnings per share (including investment gains) of 37.0 cents, up 108.2% on FY 2020 (17.8 cents); and adjusted earnings per share of 19.2 cents, up 141.7% on FY 2020 (7.9 cents)

·      Declared a final dividend of US$2.4 cents per share, to be paid on 10 May 2022 which, together with the interim dividend of US$1.2 cents per share brings total dividends declared for 2021 of US$3.6 cents per share (up 64% on 2020 total dividend of US$2.2 cents per share). 

Operational and Strategic Highlights

·      Rig fleet utilisation increased to 79% in Q4 2021, up 4% on Q4 2020 (76%) and 34% on Q3 2021 (59%); FY 2021 average utilisation was 75%, an increase of 27% on FY 2020 (59%);

·      Non-drilling revenue contributed 22% of total revenue for 2021, compared with 2020 (9%[1]), primarily driven by the increased contribution from mining services and MSALABS, which saw significant growth through 2021;

·      Average monthly revenue per operating rig (“ARPOR”) for Q4 2021 at US$184,000, up 7% (Q4 2020: US$172,000) and up 6% on Q3 2021 (US$182,000); FY 2021 ARPOR was $181,000 up 5.8% on FY 2020 $171,000 as core long-term contracts continue to perform strongly;

·      Safety performance remains world class with the Group remaining LTI free across eleven sites through 2021, six of which have remained LTI free in excess of three years;

·      Recent contract wins (previously announced):

  • A three-year surface production drilling contract with AngloGold Ashanti at the Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania. This contract will utilise five rigs from the existing fleet together with one new rig during 2022, and is anticipated to generate revenues of $33 million over the contract term;
  • An exploration contract with Firefinch at the Goulamina Lithium mine, Mali, a JV project between Firefinch and the world’s largest lithium producer Ganfeng; 
  • An exploration contract with Tembo Mining at the Kabanga Nickel mine, Tanzania. This year has seen an investment from BHP intended to accelerate the development at the project;
  • Expanded grade control services to include underground at North Mara, Tanzania; 
  • A one-year contract extension for underground grade control drilling with Resolute at the Syama Gold Mine, Mali.

·      New contract wins:

  • A three-year underground drilling contract with Barrick at the Jabal Sayid copper mine, Saudi Arabia; 
  • An extension with Cora Gold at the Sanankoro Gold Project for drilling exploration;
  • An exploration contract with Aton Mining, Egypt.

·      Sukari Gold Mine (Egypt) waste mining and expanded drilling contracts performed ahead of contract targets in 2021:

  • Operations achieved mining quantities above contract in 2021, with all production phases brought on-line ahead of schedule;
  • The commissioning phase of this contract involved over 400 new employees with associated new equipment, and concluded its first year of operation injury free.

·      MSALABS has had a very successful 2021:

  • The rollout of the Chrysos’™ PhotonAssay units is progressing well:

·      The unit at the Bulyanhulu (Tanzania) laboratory has been commissioned and commenced operations in October;

·      Two further units are due to be commissioned in Val d’Or (Canada) and the Morila Gold Mine in Mali (80% owned by Firefinch ASX:FFX) in Q1 2022 and Q2 2022 respectively.

·      Accordingly, the Group’s portfolio of long-term mine-site based operations increased to ten sites, comprising 18 individual contracts with the addition of the new contracts with Barrick in Tanzania and Firefinch in Mali;


·      Revenue guidance for 2022 of $270 to $280 million driven by an increased drill rig count, contract extensions and expansions from existing long-term contracts, load and haul waste stripping contract at Sukari, Egypt running for the whole year at full capacity and MSALABS continuing to grow through 2022;

·      Capital expenditure is expected to be approximately $45 million in 2022. This will fund an increase to the drill rig count, the expansion of MSALABS, including a major hub laboratory in Saudi Arabia, as well as sustaining capex on the enlarged drill fleet and the Sukari mining contract;

·      Drill rig fleet size forecast to increase by 11 rigs by the end of 2022, net of depletion;

·      The Sukari earth moving contract continues to perform well, with the project now safely commissioned and we expect the operation to contribute at full capacity through 2022;

·      Laboratories is seeing strong demand for its services and the rollout of the Chrysos units, with the business expected to deliver revenues of approximately $30 million in 2022, almost double revenue in 2021 (FY 2020 $15.6 million);

·      Business mix underpinned by long-term mine-site contracts with blue-chip customers, growing exposure to metals beyond gold, and non-drilling revenues expected to proportionally increase further in 2022;

·      Tendering activity across all business units remains robust, with a number of opportunities progressing.

Commenting on the results, Jamie Boyton, Executive Chairman of Capital Limited, said:

‘2021 has been another outstanding year for Capital and marks the business’s second consecutive year of material growth. While this has been supported by a rapid increase in demand over the past 12 months, we have also taken a notable shift forward in our service offering, increasing our non-drilling revenues to 22% of the Group from just 9% the prior year, while also growing our drilling business.

In order to drive the growth in the business, we increased our headcount by 1,000 new people through the year, and despite this significant new onboarding and increased activity across the group, we maintained our industry leading safety performance, with a TRIFR result of 0.98 (2020: 0.77).

We entered 2021 flagging the disconnect between decade-high commodity prices, with exploration spending at half the levels of a decade ago. We saw this begin to correct through early 2021 with a rapid pickup in market activity evident in our operational metrics. On top of an increased rig count, rig utilisation increased to 75% in 2021 compared to 59% in 2020, while ARPOR also increased by 5.8% to $181,000 from 2020. We are continuing to invest in our drill rig fleet to meet the continued strength in demand we are seeing and ensuring we have a favourable balance of rig type in the regions where we are operating. Our focus will nevertheless remain on growing long term contracts and partnerships with blue-chip customers to reduce the volatility and ensure the sustainability of the business through the cycles.

Our mining business has taken a sizeable step forward in 2021 with the exceptional ramp up of the Load & Haul contract at Sukari, which we delivered ahead of contact expectations. Operations are now fully commissioned and 2022 will be the first complete year with the earth moving contract at full run rate. Following the rise in commodity prices, we are seeing an increase in projects moving forward to development and therefore we expect the pipeline of new mining contracts to expand in the coming years.

MSALABS also performed well through 2021, setting the foundations for further growth in the coming years. 2022 will be an exciting year for MSALABS as it continues the rollout of the revolutionary Chrysos PhotonAssay technology, as well as developing a major hub laboratory in Saudi Arabia. PhotonAssay, which provides gold assay results in minutes rather than weeks or months, has the potential to disrupt the geochemical analysis sector. This technology is a key driver of growth in MSALABS, with revenues expected to approximately double in 2022 YoY.

Another key contributor to our strong result for the year has been returns from our equity investments, which have become a core pillar of our Group strategy. Capital Investments not only contributes through equity returns, which amounted to $33.7 million in 2021, but has also served as a highly effective business development tool for several years, with $41 million or 18% of group revenue coming from investee companies in 2021. This creates a strong partnership approach to our contracting model and remains core to the investment strategy.

In view of the significant progress made in 2021, Capital today is a stronger and more robust business. We will continue to pursue our key strategic priorities during 2022 and have confidence in maintaining a growth trajectory in the business, with revenues expected to reach $270-280 million in 2022.’

Results Conference Call

Capital Ltd will host a Webcast on Thursday 10 March 2022 at 09.00 am (London, UK time) to update investors and analysts on its results. Participants may join the webcast via the like below. Shareholders may also join the webcast by dialling one of the following numbers, approximately 10 minutes before the start of the call. Participants may also wish to download the 2021 Results Presentation, which is available by clicking

Webcast Link

Dial-In Details

United Kingdom Toll-Free: 08003589473

United Kingdom Toll: +44 3333000804

PIN: 35312080#

International dial-in numbers – Link


2021 has been a transformational year with Capital delivering three record quarters of revenue growth and the strongest year in our history. We have seen growth in all our business areas, but most notably a sizeable shift forward in our service offering with the addition of large scale load and haul services at Sukari and the beginning of the rollout of the revolutionary Chrysos PhotonAssay units in our laboratory business, MSALABS. The operational execution of this growth has been outstanding, with an exceptional safety performance, maximising the value delivered to shareholders.

We delivered 68% revenue growth, 117% EBITDA growth and 140% EBIT growth. This is the second consecutive year we have delivered material growth, following 18% YoY growth in revenue in 2020. Amongst this growth however, our core focus on long life, mine site contracts (88% of revenue in 2021) with blue-chip customers has remained unchanged to ensure a business that is sustainable through the cycles.

Our strategy to develop a broader range of services continued successfully during 2021. The contribution from our non-drilling services increased significantly during the year to 22% of Group revenues, compared to 9% in 2020, driven primarily by the ramp up of the load and haul operation at Sukari and the continued expansion of MSALABS.

In 2020, we announced an equity raise to help fund equipment for a waste mining contract with Centamin at the Sukari Gold mine, which represented the largest award of business in the Group’s history. The ramp up of this operation in 2021 was ahead of contracted expectations and has reached full run rate going into 2022, while remaining injury free. This contract is anticipated to deliver incremental revenues of US$235 – $260 million over a four-year period.

Our laboratory business, MSALABS, continued to perform well and is positioning itself for material growth as it rolls out the revolutionary Chrysos PhotonAssay units. The first of these units was successfully commissioned in 2021 and in 2022 MSALABS will continue to roll out further units, a key driver of its growth. PhotonAssay technology has the potential to disrupt the geochemical analysis sector and we are encouraged by the demand we are seeing.

In addition to the expansion in our service offering, our core drilling business has also gone from strength to strength. As we entered 2021 there was a clear disconnect between the rapid increase in commodity pricing seen in 2020, compared to capital raisings and exploration budgets, which remained at close to half the level seen when commodity prices were last at these levels. This changed early in the year and we saw a rapid and significant increase in demand which was visible in our utilisation rates in the subsequent three quarters of the year. Elevated commodity prices have continued into 2022, as has the strong demand we are seeing for our services.

Our Direct Investments portfolio has also cemented itself as the fourth key pillar of our strategy. We undertook a significant and well-timed investment strategy in 2019 as we expanded our operations in West Africa. We have engaged in direct investments into exploration and mining companies, and drill for equity, aligning the activity with service contracts. The year-end portfolio was valued at $60.2 million, up 121% compared to the year end 2020 position of $27.2 million, with investment gains (predominantly unrealised) for the year of $33.7 million. This translated into significant net profit growth in 2021 of 184%.

In addition to the investment gains, these positions have cemented key relationships and partnerships with the investees, with contracts from these companies generating $41 million of revenue over 2021 (18% of Group revenue).

At the beginning of 2022 we also launched a buyback programme of up to two million shares. While our focus remains primarily on growth, the buyback demonstrates both the huge success we achieved in 2021 and also the confidence we have in the business going forward.

The Board of Directors has declared a final dividend for the 2021 period of 2.4cps ($4.5 million), payable on 10 May 2022 to shareholders on the register as of 7 April 2022. This brings the total dividend declared in 2021 to 3.6c per share. The dividend is a result of our solid financial and operating position.


I am extraordinarily proud of our Company’s achievements during 2021. Amongst the significant levels of growth and increased activity, the Group has also increased its headcount by 1,000 people, a 78% increase YoY. Nevertheless we maintained the consistency in our operations throughout the year and our industry leading safety record and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our employees for their dedication.

The Group’s rig count increased from 94 at the end of 2020 to 109 at the end of 2021, with a further three rigs undergoing commissioning. The new rigs supported both existing long-term contracts and new contract wins. We remain very active with our fleet management in order to maintain our position as the provider of best-in-class equipment in the regions where we operate. In addition to the increased fleet size, our rig fleet utilisation increased to 75% in 2021 vs 59% in 2020, while full year ARPOR also increased 5.8% in 2021 to $181,000 (2020: $171,000). This stellar performance is a result of both improving commodity prices and macro conditions together with our successful geographical expansion into West Africa. This expansion has delivered regional revenue exposure beyond our traditional operations in Egypt and Tanzania, and with it new long-term mine site contracts.

Our portfolio of ten long-term mine site contracts continued to perform well through 2021 with a number seeing increased rig counts on site for further support and new services. In addition, we signed multiple new contracts while also expanding our commodity exposure.

By the nature of both the contracting market and also critically the geographic regions where we operate, gold mining remains our main exposure. However, at the beginning of 2022, Capital announced an exploration contract with Firefinch at the Goulamina Lithium Mine, Mali, a JV project between Firefinch and the world’s largest lithium producer Ganfeng, as well as an exploration contract with Tembo Mining at the Kabanga Nickel Mine, Tanzania. Both projects have the potential to be very large, long-life assets and the latter project has seen an investment from BHP intended to accelerate development.

For the ramp up of the Sukari mining project we hired over 400 new employees and purchased 4 excavators, 17 mining trucks and other associated vehicles. Nevertheless we delivered ahead of our contract terms with the ramp up also completed with its first year of operation injury free. This outstanding performance in our first major earth moving contract both reinforces our relationship with Centamin at Sukari, where we have provided drilling services since 2005, and also positions us well for future tender awards.

MSALABS is quickly becoming a key growth area for the Group. 2021 saw the start of the company’s rollout of Chrysos PhotonAssay units, with the first unit now commissioned at Barrick’s Bulyanhulu Gold Mine in Tanzania. This contract marked both the largest contract since MSALABS’ establishment, and the first PhotonAssay unit deployed outside Australia. Two more units were deployed in Q1 2022, the first in Val d’Or in Quebec, Canada, and the second at the Morila Gold Mine, Mali. MSALABS will also establish a third major hub laboratory in Saudi Arabia later this year, which will assist in setting the foundations for further growth in 2023 and beyond.

Once again, our focus and commitment to the safety of our employees delivered results significantly better than industry standards, and I congratulate everyone for their effort. We expect visible safety leadership at all levels of the business, from the Executive Leadership Team to crews on site, and we actively invest in training programs to ensure our workforce is skilled, competent and can identify and mitigate hazards in the workplace. Our Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) was 0.98 per 1,000,000 hours worked. We also achieved a number of site records and safety milestones during 2021 including:

·              13 years LTIF at Mwanza, Tanzania

·              5 years LTIF at the Syama Gold Mine, Mali

·              5 years LTIF at the North Mara Gold Mine, Tanzania

·              4 years LTIF at the Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania

·              3 years LTIF at Bamako, Mali

·              3 years LTIF at Hummingbird, Mali

·              2 years LTIF at the Jabal Sayid Copper Mine, Saudi Arabia

·              1 year LTIF at the Bulyanhulu Gold Mine, Tanzania

·              1 year LTIF at the Bonikro Mine, Cote d’Ivoire

·              1 year LTIF at the Sukari Gold Mine, Egypt

·              1 year LTIF at the Bankan gold project, Guinea


As we look to the year ahead, trading conditions continue to point to very strong demand. Commodity prices, including our main exposure gold, remain at very high levels which provide strong profitability and cash flows for the producers and is a positive indicator for continued momentum throughout 2022.

Equity markets also remain highly supportive for the mining industry, with financings through 2021 at decade highs according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. Together this suggests a further improvement in exploration budgets and demand for our services across all of our business units.

Our focus on long-term mine site contracts continues to underpin our business through 2022. At the end of 2020, we saw an extension and expansion of the drilling contract at Sukari (in line with the mining contract award) and in 2021 we saw major contract renewals at Geita. These contract renewals provide clear revenue visibility and a strong foundation for the year ahead.

At Sukari, operations are now fully commissioned, and 2022 will be the first complete year with the earth moving contract at full run rate. MSALABS is also at an exciting inflection point, with one Chrysos PhotonAssay unit successfully commissioned in Q4 2021 and 2022 set to see material growth driven by the rollout of further units, as well as the construction of the Group’s third major hub lab in Saudi Arabia.

As we enter 2022, our core drilling business has the highest rig count in the group’s history and we are confident in maintaining strong utilisation levels given the increased activity we are seeing from our existing clients, as well as the strength we continue to see in commodity pricing. We are also continuing to invest in our fleet and this will drive a further increase to our fleet size (net of decommissioning old rigs).

We will continue to execute our key strategic priorities in 2022, focussing on growing our full-service mining business, growing revenues from our ancillary services businesses, particularly MSALABS, expanding capacity with our existing clients and maintaining high levels of utilisation through our fleet.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our employees, business partners, shareholders, our Board of Directors and other stakeholders for their continued support of our Company.

Jamie Boyton

Executive Chairman

9 March 2022



Capital Ltd has delivered a stellar performance in 2021 with all our business areas achieving growth through the year. We have made transformational steps through 2021, including expanding our service offering in order to continue to grow the business even further in 2022 and beyond.

Revenue increased by 68% to $226.8 million (2020: $135.0 million). H2 revenue ($128.1 million) was 30% higher than H1 revenue ($98.7 million) primarily due to the weighting of the ramp up of the Sukari waste mining contract, but also new drilling contract wins through the year, an associated increase in rig count and improved revenues at MSALABS.

Profitability also improved, with margin improvements across all key metrics on the back of increased expenditure discipline. YoY EBITDA and EBIT increased by 117% and 140% respectively.

Primarily as a result of our expanded service offering into waste mining and the associated equipment purchases, our capex remained elevated relative to 2020 with cash capital expenditure of $46.3 million (2020: $42.2 million). In addition to the Sukari load & haul contract, growth capex funded the expansion of the rig fleet in 2021 and also deposits for rigs due to arrive and commission in 2022.

Through 2021 we have increased our debt profile through additional financing to fund equipment purchases in combination with operating cash flow. We obtained this financing from Macquarie Bank ($27.7 million) and OEM financing from Sandvik and Epiroc.

Cash generated from operations was $42.6 million (2020: $36.0 million). Closing cash was $30.6 million (2020: $35.7 million), aided by an additional $27.7 million in new financing in the year, with net debt of $31.9 million (2020: $5.0 million net cash). Weighing on cash flows was the increased capex outflow associated in particular with the Sukari mining ramp up. Nevertheless our balance sheet remains in a very strong position with the group finishing 2021 with net cash including investments of $28.3 million.

Our portfolio of long-term mine-site based contracts continues to underpin our cash flow and growth strategy. Mine-site based contracts represent 88% (2020: 93%) of our Company revenue and growth of this portfolio remains a focus.

Our investment portfolio generated a $33.7 million gain on investments reflected in the Profit and Loss. This outstanding performance reflects a significant value increase in a number of investments within the portfolio. The result is a consequence of the successful 2019 investment strategy. Investment activity decreased in 2020 and 2021 as the cycle improved and capital markets became significantly more accommodating to equity issuance. The Company’s strategy has therefore matured and rationalised to a portfolio of strategic core holdings, while continuing to evaluate new opportunities.

Our focus on long-term mine site contracts both reduces the volatility of earnings and ensures the sustainability of the business through the cycles. This stable business platform was demonstrated through 2020 and early 2021 through the COVID-19 pandemic where our portfolio of mine-site based contracts continued uninterrupted. However, given the sometimes unpredictable nature of the countries where we operate, we have evaluated a downside model taking the aggregate effect of the reasonable downside short term risks and demonstrated that the business is robust to scenarios far worse than experienced or expected. Refer to Note 1.1 of the Annual Financial Statements for further detail.

Statement of Comprehensive Income

EBITDA (%)32.325.1
Basic EPS (cent)37.017.8
Diluted EPS (cent)36.417.6

Table 1: Statement of Comprehensive Income (Summary)

Average rig utilisation increased 16% to 75% (2020: 59%) on a larger average fleet size of 104 (2020: 98). Average revenue per operating rig (ARPOR) per month also saw an increase in 2021 to $181,000 (2020: $171,000) attributed to the increased mobilisation of exploration rigs and some renegotiation of existing contracts.

Non-drilling revenues saw a notable increase in contribution to Group revenues in 2021, driven by the ramp up of the Sukari mining contract as well as the continued ramp up of MSALABS. 2021 contribution to revenue from non-drilling services was 22% in 2021 (2020: 9%) and is expected to increase further in 2022.

EBITDA increased 117% to $73.3 million delivering a 32.3% margin (2020: $33.8 million/25.0%).

EBIT increased 140% to $51.9 million delivering a 22.9% margin (2020: $21.6 million/16.0%).

Profit Before Tax (PBT) increased by 141% to $82.0 million (2020: $34.1million) impacted by Net Interest of $3.6 million (2020: $1.1 million) and benefitting from an investment gain of $33.7 million (2020: $13.6 million gain). These investments were aligned to activity with service contracts and provided greater revenue and earnings. Depreciation of $21.4 million (2020: $12.2 million), flat as a percentage of revenue at 9%.

NPAT increased 184% to $70.3 million (2020: $24.8 million). The improved NPAT benefitted from net gains on unrealised equity investments of $33.7 million (2020: $13.6 million gain).

The Effective Tax Rate for 2021 was 14.3% (2020: 27.4%). The decrease YoY reflects adjustments in 2020 that did not recur in 2021. In 2020 tax included a $2.8m adjustment in respect of prior periods’ assessments which were finalised in 2020. The tax recognised in respect of prior periods in 2021 was $0.2 million. As the Group operates in multiple jurisdictions, there is an inherent uncertainty in the interpretation of income tax laws. As at 31 December 2021, the Group had uncertain income tax positions with an assessment valued at $2.0 million (2020: $2.7 million). The Group has recognised a provision of $0.2 million (2020: $0.9 million) as management’s best estimate of the likely exposure.

As at 31 December 2021, the Group had uncertain income tax positions with an assessment valued at $2.0 million (2020: $2.7 million). The Group has recognised a provision of $0.2 million (2020: $0.9 million) as management’s best estimate of the likely exposure.

The Basic Earnings Per Share (EPS) for the year increased 108% to 37.0 cents (2020: 17.8 cents). The weighted average number of ordinary shares used in the earnings per share calculation was 189,765,149 (2020: 138,367,746).

The substantial growth in Earnings per Share was driven by the strong operating performance and investment gains.

Statement of Financial Position

Non-current assets162.491.1
Current assets189.1135.2
Total assets351.5226.3
Non-current liabilities53.026.5
Current liabilities75.651.8
Total liabilities128.678.3
Shareholders’ equity (1)219.2146.7

Table 2: Statement of Financial Position (Summary)

(1) Excludes non-controlling interest of $3.8 million

As at 31 December 2021, shareholders’ equity increased by 49.4% driven primarily by strong net profit of $70.3 million. The Group distributed dividends of $4.7 million (2020: $2.2 million) to shareholders.

The total rig fleet size at the end of 2021 was 109 drill rigs with 3 further rigs undergoing commissioning (2019: 94).

Overall PPE increased from $89.0 million in 2020 to $143.6 million in 2021, reflecting depreciation of $21.4 million (2020: $12.2 million), assets disposed of $0.5 million (2020: $0.8 million) and additional operating capital expenditure of $75.7 million (2020: $48.7 million).

Current assets increased to $189.1 million (2020: $135.2million). Inventory increased by $13.2 million to $37.9 million (2020: $24.7 million) due to increased inventory levels primarily in Egypt. Prepaid expenses decreased by $10.7 million to $17.7 million (2020 $28.4 million). Cash and cash equivalents decreased by $5.1 million to $30.6 million (2020:$35.7 million). Investments held of $60.2 million (2020: $27.2 million) are the fair value of trade investments.

Non-current liabilities of $53.0 million (2020: $26.5 million) includes $45.6million (2020: $26.1 million) of long term loans. Total long term debt includes $15 million of the renewed Revolving Credit Facility, a $37.7 million asset backed facility with Macquarie and OEM financing direct through Epiroc & Sandvik .

Current liabilities consisted of trade and other payables, $46.5 million (2020: $39.7million), current portion of long-term liabilities $16.9 million (2020: $4.6 million) and tax liabilities of $10.0 million (2020: $7.2 million). Trade and other payables includes increased trade payables of $22.1 million (2020: $19.9 million) due to increased activity levels and investment in the Sukari contract.

Statement of changes in equity

Opening equity148.187.0
Net proceeds from Equity raise37.2
Share based payments2.01.4
Total comprehensive income70.324.7
Dividends paid(4.8)(2.2)
Gain on change in ownership5.6
NCI ex Business Combination1.7
Closing equity222.9148.1

Table 3: Statement of changes in equity (Summary)

Statement of Cash Flows

Net cash from operating activities30.428.3
Net cash used in investing activities(50.1)(60.7)
Net cash generated from/(used in) financing activities15.550.1
Net (decrease)/increase in cash and cash equivalents(4.2)17.7
Opening cash and cash equivalents35.717.6
Translation of foreign currency cash(0.9)0.4
Closing cash and cash equivalents30.635.7

Table 4: Statement of Cash Flows (Summary)

Reconciliation of net cash (debt) position

Net cash at the beginning of the year5.04.4
Net (decrease)/increase in cash and cash equivalents(4.2)17.7
 (increase) in long term liabilities(31.8)(17.5)
Translation of foreign currency cash(0.9)0.4
Net cash at the end of the year(31.9)5.0

Table 5: Reconciliation of net cash (debt) position

Cash generated from operations was $42.6 million (2020: $36.0 million), an increase of 18.3% year-on-year.

The investing cash flow have decreased year-on-year with some investments, including prepayments, for the new Sukari contract occurring in 2020. We continued to invest through 2021, however, both to complete the ramp up for the Sukari mining contract as well as increase our drill rig count to meet existing client requirements and maintain fleet operational readiness.

Financing activities included the dividend cash payment of $4.8 million (2019: $2.2 million).

The dividend history for the past three years is as follows:

 H1 2019FY 2019H1 2020FY 2020H1 2021FY 2021
Declaration22 Aug 201919 Mar 202020 Aug 202018 Mar 202119 Aug 202110 Mar 2022
Cents per share0.
Dividend amount ($’m)$0.95$0.96$1.23$2.47$2.28$4.55

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Capital Ltd – Interim results presentation

Capital Ltd (LON:CAPD) provide complete exploration and production drilling solutions to customers within the global minerals industry, with a focus on the African markets.

Capital Limited

Gold edges higher

Gold prices inched up in early Asian hours on Tuesday, as the dollar eased off a 20-year high, offsetting pressure from expectations of the U.S. Federal Reserve keeping interest rates higher for longer to combat inflation. Spot gold ticked

Capital Limited

Gold prices edge higher

Gold prices edged higher on Tuesday after hitting a near one-month low in the previous session, helped by a slight pullback in the dollar although lingering worries over further aggressive U.S. interest rate hikes kept gains in check.

Capital Limited

Perth Exploration & Mining Sundowner

AAMEG PERTH EXPLORATION & MINING SUNDOWNER BROUGHT TO YOU BY CAPITAL LTD LOCATION: Mayfair Lane – 72 Outram Street, West Perth WA 6005 TIME: From 4.30pm, Wednesday 17 August Join AAMEG together with major event sponsor, Capital Ltd to enjoy

Capital Limited

Gold gains

Gold prices rose on Monday following a pullback in the dollar and U.S. Treasury yields, while investor focus shifted to U.S. inflation data for clues on the Federal Reserve’s rate hike plan. Spot gold rose 0.5% to $1,783.62 per

Capital Limited

Gold price hits one-month high

Gold prices continued to rise on Thursday as geopolitical tensions between the US and China intensified, boosting global demand for the safe haven metal. Spot gold climbed 1.5% to $1,790.65 per ounce by 12:30 p.m. ET, its highest

Capital Limited

Gold hovers near 3-week high

Gold prices held steady on Monday, hovering near a more than three-week high scaled in the previous session, helped by a weaker U.S. dollar and lower bond yields. Spot gold <XAU=> held its ground at $1,755.59 per ounce,

Capital Limited

Gold price moves into a positive zone

Gold price started a decent increase from the $1,680 zone against the US Dollar. The price traded above the $1,700 resistance to move into a positive zone. It settled above the $1,710 level and the 50 hourly simple

Capital Limited

MSALABS expands rollout of assay machines

Exploration and mining geochemical laboratory services provider MSALABS has expanded its global partnership with Chrysos Corporation, through which it will deploy 21 Chrysos PhotonAssay units across the globe by 2025. MSALABS is a majority-owned subsidiary of mining services company Capital. The roll-out of an initial six

Capital Limited

MSALABS: Sample preperation

Every step, from sample receipt until the laboratory begins the analysis must be suitable for the specific needs of your project and sample matrix and completed with meticulous care to minimise contamination. MSALABS expertise and state-of-the-art equipment ensures

Capital Limited

Capital’s MSALABS expands global partnership with Chrysos

MSALABS, a global provider of geochemical laboratory services for the exploration and mining sectors and a majority-owned subsidiary of Capital Ltd (LON:CAPD), has announced that it has expanded its global partnership with Chrysos Corporation. The partnership will see

Capital Limited

Gold prices inch higher

Gold firmed on Friday (Jul 8) as the dollar came slightly off 2-decade highs, but bullion was set to post its biggest weekly drop in more than a month as the elevated greenback hit demand. Spot gold firmed

Capital Limited

Yellow metal gains higher

Gold prices in India bucked the global trend and were trading higher amid a hike in import duty and support from weakening treasury yields. However, a firm US dollar capped yellow metal’s appeal. The dollar hovered close to

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