Contactless Sign-In is now available with SwipedOn iOS 2.18.0

In our latest update, we bring you exactly what you’ve been asking for when it comes to visitor sign in. Introducing Contactless, the latest feature from SwipedOn.

In reaction to the global pandemic, we’ve already brought you visitor screening with approvals and contact tracing, now it’s time to go one step further in ensuring your employees remain safe at work – contactless sign in. In this article, we’ll guide you through the new feature and how it’s set to transform your business as we approach a new normal, and businesses look to operate in a way that’s productive yet preventative, in a world post-COVID-19. 

No need to touch

When it comes to business, a hand shake is likely to be off the cards for some time. And while you can easily carry out contact tracing using a visitor management app, the necessity to sanitize after every use could become a little laborious. Which is why we’ve developed contactless. Visitors, contractors or customers are able to easily sign in by scanning a QR code and following the instructions on their own mobile device. 

SmartSpace Software Plc (LON:SMRT) is focused on technologies that make real estate more efficient and organisations more effective. They provide leading smart workplace software and technology to the commercial workplace, retail and hospitality real estate sectors. 

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