Sky TV’s Dave Clark: People think I’m drunk – I have Parkinson’s Disease

As a shock survey by charity Parkinson’s UK reveals for the first time the harassment and discrimination sufferers experience, Sky Sports TV presenter Dave Clark tells how he is routinely mocked.

It has only happened a few times and I try my best to ignore the nasty remarks but every time I am trolled on social media for having Parkinson’s, I am hurt and upset.

Once someone saw me walking to the supermarket and put something up on social media saying I looked drunk. I was not.

My medication was running low so I was limping a bit and looked dishevelled.

However, the worst one was in December 2017 when I was presenting the PDC World darts championship at Alexandra Palace.

Ladbrokes’ the bookmaker uploaded a picture of my face and someone there wrote: “Dave Clark looks like he’s caught the whiff of something nasty & wants to murder the person who caused it.”

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