Efficiency, quality and sustainability

Remy Millott, CEO of GYG, outlines the three pillars he believes will drive the coatings sector forwards…

As we look to the future of the paint application industry, I believe the three words that comprise the title of this piece will be the main drivers behind the ‘next big thing’. It often helps to revisit the past when looking for inspiration, and I am proud to say that Pinmar has played a key role in recent years in driving the adoption of the latest technologies and application methods within the industry.

Pinmar has painted hundreds of the world’s finest yachts and is increasingly involved in fairing and finishing some of the largest and most impressive new-builds in the industry’s leading yards. 

GYG plc (LON:GYG) is a market leading superyacht painting, supply and maintenance company, offering services throughout the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the USA. The group primarily trades under Pinmar, Pinmar Yacht Supply and Technocraft brands.

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