Employment patterns and pension systems sustainability are strongly interlinked

“The key purpose of pension systems is to protect older people from poverty and to allow them to enjoy decent living standards and economic independence when ageing,” says Deborah Schembri, Managing Director and CEO of STM Malta Pension Services Ltd.

Financial sustainability of pension schemes is the indispensable means to this end, she explains, as pensions affect public budgets and labour supply in major ways, which must be considered in pension policy.

Ms Schembri highlights that the main goals of pension and retirement policies are to provide adequate income in old age while ensuring financial sustainability and maximising employment through incentives in support of stable formal work careers and longer working lives for women and men.

STM Group plc (LON:STM) is a multi-jurisdictional financial services group listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. The Group was formed as a strategic investment company specifically to build a leading financial services group originally operating in the international corporate and trustee service provider (CTSPs) sector.

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STM Group

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