Evgen Pharma granted a core patent in Europe and is timely from a commercial perspective

Steve Franklin, CEO of Evgen Pharma, said: “We are delighted by the grant of this core patent in Europe, which further expands our intellectual property position and complements similar grants in the USA, Canada and Australia. This patent grant is timely from a commercial perspective as we are moving close to the announcement of our first Phase II clinical data from SFX-01, which we continue to expect in the first half of this year as part of our ongoing STEM trial in breast cancer.”

Evgen Pharma (LON:EVG), a clinical stage drug development company focused on the treatment of cancer and neurological conditions, this morning announced the grant of a key European patent ascribing intellectual property rights to the Company for a method of stabilising sulforaphane, the naturally occurring compound on which SFX-01, the Company’s lead product, is based.

The grant of this core patent, which expires on 23 January 2028, marks another important step in expanding the Company’s worldwide intellectual property estate surrounding sulforaphane and the Company’s synthetic, stabilised version, SFX-01.

This patent represents the Company’s second process patent grant in Europe and follows the announcement of a manufacturing and scale-up grant in October 2017. Composition-of-matter and manufacturing patents have already been granted in the USA. Patents are also granted, or in the process towards being granted, in other key commercial territories.

The European patent announced today, numbered EP2796140 and entitled Stablilized Sulforaphane, can be viewed at this link: https://register.epo.org/application?number=EP14166888&lng=en&tab=main.

Exclusive worldwide rights to the patent are held by Evgen Pharma under the terms of a licence agreement with PharmAgra Labs Inc., the US laboratory that invented SFX-01.

In line with Company policy, an update on less material patent developments, including grants related to the Company’s sulforaphane analogues, will be included as part of the Company’s full year results.


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