Frontier IP Matthew White joining the Group as Director of Commercialisation

Neil Crabb, Chief Executive of Frontier IP, said: “It is a real pleasure to welcome Matthew to the Frontier IP team. His superb range of skills and experience provide an excellent match for the work many of our portfolio companies are undertaking.”

Frontier IP (LON:FIPP), which specialises in commercialising university intellectual property, today announced that Matthew White, the Head of Innovation at AB Sugar, one of the world’s largest sugar producers and a wholly-owned subsidiary of AB Foods, is joining the Group as Director of Commercialisation, in a non-board role.

Matthew has 23 years’ experience in technology, product and service innovation, business development and marketing. As AB Sugar’s Head of Innovation, he was responsible for defining strategy and managing a global innovation portfolio. The role involved working extensively with university partners on collaborative research programmes totalling over £20million.

Before joining AB Sugar, Matthew was Director of Consumer Products for international technology consulting and product development business Sagentia Limited, working across a wide range of sectors.

He started his career at Neotronics Scientific, one of the first companies to commercialise electronic odour sensing. He has a Natural Sciences degree majoring in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge.

Matthew White, said: “It is fantastic to be joining everyone at Frontier IP. I am looking forward to using my network and experience to accelerate the commercialisation activities of our exciting portfolio.”

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