Fund managers believe the CMA should split fiduciary management from investment consulting businesses

Xafinity Punter Southall ran a poll on current issues facing the industry and the fund managers attending voted that:

  • 92% of fund managers believe contractual income assets (including all forms of credit and LDI) will be the asset classes in most demand by institutional investors over the next 12 months pointing to the need for assets which generate cash to meet benefit payments
  • 81% of fund managers said they believed the CMA should recommend the split of fiduciary management business from the investment consulting arm with the Big 3 consultants
  • 62% of fund managers said less than 25% of their clients place ESG within their top 3 investment priorities
  • 62% of fund managers believe that delivering clear advice is what trustees value most from their investment consultant
  • Finally, 90% of fund managers voted remain for Brexit and 50% predicted Manchester City to win the premiership next year.
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    Xafinity Plc

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