GetBusy plc has completed the integration of DocuSign’s e-signature technology

Daniel Rabie, CEO of GetBusy, commented:  “Our partnership and integration with DocuSign is an enormous benefit to our SmartVault customers.  DocuSign’s Knowledge-Based Authentication meets the highest standards of e-signature verification that are required for digital filing of tax returns in the US, allowing our customers to provide a seamless, highly-automated tax return delivery for their clients and enhancing the quality of our customers’ service and reputation.  256-bit SSL encryption ensures that documents can be signed securely and legally anytime, anywhere from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

With over 836,000 digital signatures applied through GetBusy’s products in 2017, this partnership continues our strategy to identify opportunities to attract new users to our platforms and to better monetise existing customers.”

GetBusy plc (LON:GETB), a leading developer of document management and productivity software products, announced today a major integration and partnership with DocuSign Inc., a leading secure e-signature provider.

GetBusy has completed the integration of DocuSign’s e-signature technology into its SmartVault product, having signed a global non-exclusive partnership and reseller agreement.  DocuSign’s technology is now embedded into SmartVault’s Connected Desktop and Portal, allowing customers to e-sign and archive automatically any file stored in their SmartVault account.

In 2017, 836,000 digital signatures were completed through GetBusy’s products, 31,000 of which were through SmartVault.  DocuSign’s knowledge-based authentication technology meets the United States  Internal Revenue Service’s (“IRS”) most stringent verification criteria, allowing SmartVault’s customers to sign IRS forms 8878 and 8879 entirely digitally, saving time, money and removing the possibility of lost documents.

Under the agreement, which has an initial term to November 2020, the Group will resell DocuSign’s e-signature envelopes, equipped with knowledge-based authentication, through the SmartVault platform.

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