Heritage packing technology in new space

New Space designers are renewing their interest in traditional metal case devices. While hermetic devices have been popular design choices over the last few decades, the appeal of compliance and reliability has designers revisiting the Transistor Outline (TO) JEDEC packages that were once the go-to option for space electronics.

There was a time when designers of small signal componentry turned to TO-18 and TO-5 devices, as well as TO-66 and TO-3 packages which are considered ideal for high-voltage and high-power applications. Industry evolution and design challenges drove engineers to embrace more modern metal case hermetic packages such as TO-257, TO-254, and TO-258. While these were easier to deploy than their more traditional case counterparts, over the last two decades, even they were ultimately displaced by their surface mount equivalents.

TT Electronics plc (LON:TTG) is a provider of engineered electronics applications for performance-critical applications. The Company works with customers in the industrial, medical, aerospace and defence, and transportation sectors.

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TT Electronics

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