How can I use data analytics in my building?

We’re all adjusting to a new normal. Face-to-face meetings and office-based activity will doubtless return in some form, but home working may remain part for a large percentage of the workforce for some time. As a result, the concept of the office is changing, which in turn is rapidly transforming the role of building management.

Understanding the data available from a building management system (BEMS) has never been more important; particularly now, when we are seeing a rapid increase in the need for flexible solutions to meet the changing needs of buildings. The trend for agile, adaptable workspaces has been gaining momentum over the past few years but recent events have added further impetus, especially around healthier building environments.

GS Technologies Ltd (LON:GST), through its subsidiary, EMS Wiring Systems Pte. Ltd, provides services in the “Smart Building” sector. Smart Building is a diverse term that refers to the technological capabilities of buildings and other work place facilities.

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    GS Technologies

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