How to control your access points with a workplace sign in system

“Have you seen the delivery person? I was expecting a shipment 15 minutes ago.”

“Oh, I think he arrived. Check the copy room.”

As common as this conversation sounds, a scenario like this actually reflects some of the modern security issues businesses face today.

Access points refer to the points in and out of your business, and controlling them effectively is more important than ever in order to protect your employees, visitors, and assets. This can be a challenging task if you haven’t taken the time to evaluate your existing security procedures to close the gap on any weak points.

SmartSpace Software Plc (LON:SMRT) is focused on technologies that make real estate more efficient and organisations more effective. They provide leading smart workplace software and technology to the commercial workplace, retail and hospitality real estate sectors. 

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SmartSpace Software

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SmartSpace Software

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SmartSpace Software appoint new NOMAD & broker

SmartSpace Software Plc, (LON:SMRT) the leading provider of ‘Integrated Space Management Software’ for smart buildings and commercial spaces – ‘visitor reception, desks and meeting rooms’,  has announced that it has appointed Canaccord Genuity Limited as its Nominated Advisor and Sole Broker,

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September 2022 Updates Display sign out status in Employee Directory: Pre-set and custom sign out messages are now also shown in the Employee Directory. To view, simply hit the gear icon and select “sign out message” to add

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SwipedOn is now available for Android tablets

SwipedOn is the only premium workplace sign in system on the market with an Android-compatible app, meaning that more workplaces around the world will be able to welcome visitors and employees into their world in the most streamlined way possible.

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SmartSpace Software seeing continuing momentum in SwipedOn

SmartSpace Software plc, (LON:SMRT) the leading provider of ‘Integrated Space Management Software’ for smart buildings and commercial spaces, has announced a trading update for the six month period ending 31 July 2022. Key Highlights: ·      Group half year revenues

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