How well is your cybersecurity being managed

The UK cybersecurity industry is short by c.14,100 workers according to the UK Government’s most recent cyber skills report. As the need for cybersecurity talent grows, demands for wages and other benefits will also escalate. Reports from industry leaders show that cybersecurity wages are growing each year, with a 2021 report from Dice noting that salaries have jumped by more than 16% to well over the six-figure mark.

This ever-increasing talent gap comes at a time when the number of attacks companies face each year is also growing. Nearly 70% of cybersecurity workers feel their organisation doesn’t have enough staff to be effective and more than half see their company as being at moderate or extreme risk of a cyberattack.

Cybersecurity talent, then, is thin on the ground and extremely expensive – yet the ever-present threats to organisations continues to increase.

Falanx Cyber Security Limited (LON:FCS) provides enterprise-class cyber security services and solutions. They deliver end-to-end cyber capabilities, either as specific engagements or as fully-managed services. 

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    Falanx Cyber Security

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