hVIVO Chairman Cathal Friel shares his thoughts on £13.6m contract

hVIVO plc (LON:HVO) announced that it has signed a £13.6m contract with a US-based biopharmaceutical client to test its respiratory syncytial virus antiviral candidate, using hVIVO’s established RSV Human Challenge Study Model.

“I am delighted to announce that hVIVO has signed another significant challenge study contract, this time a £13.6m contract with a US based biopharma company. 

We are delighted to see the continuous growing demand for human challenge trials from both new and existing customers. As the team outlined at last week’s Capital Markets Day, as the global pharma and biotech players learn more about the many benefits of human challenge trials, not only are the number of contracts increasing, but the size of these contracts are growing significantly also. As the world leader in human challenge trials, we are delighted to see this growth. 

Chairman Cathal Friel “

The Phase 2a double-blinded placebo-controlled human challenge trial will take place at the Company’s specialist quarantine facilities in Whitechapel and will evaluate the efficacy profile of the antiviral against RSV infection. The study is expected to commence in Q3/Q4 2023, with the revenue being recognised in 2023 and 2024. As part of the study, hVIVO will recruit healthy volunteers via the Company’s dedicated volunteer recruitment arm, FluCamp.

This contract highlights hVIVO’s world leading expertise in its field and its ability to execute sizable contracts as well as the industry’s renewed focus on developing new treatments for RSV. The Company continues to see growing demand for larger challenge studies from both new and existing clients as they seek greater clarity of data and pursue lower frequency endpoints in an effort to further de-risk their programmes ahead of later stage field studies.

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    hVIVO plc

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