Important uses of graphite

Graphite is a stable form of naturally occuring carbon, also known as plumbago, blacklead or mineral carbon. Structurally, in the heaxagonal system, graphite is known to crystalise and occur in layered & lamellar shape with grey-black metallic luster and greasy feel.

Natural graphite is divided into two commercial (i) crystalline (flaky) graphite and (ii) amorphous graphite varieties. Graphite quality depends on its physical charcateristics and carbon content.

Blencowe Resources Plc (LON:BRES) is a United Kingdom-based mineral exploration and development company. The Company is focused on exploration and development of the Orom Graphite Project in the Republic of Uganda. 

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    Blencowe Resources plc

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    Blencowe Resources plc

    Minerals in Uganda

    Uganda is endowed with over 50 different types of minerals and it ranks among the countries in Africa with the biggest number of minerals although the potential for viable exploitation has not yet been established for most of

    Blencowe Resources plc

    Ultra-thin graphite films soak up heat to keep smartphones cool

    Making every micrometer count is a key consideration for designers and engineers working on modern smartphones, and a new material could free up some valuable space. Scientists have developed a nanometer-thick form of graphite that helps keep electronic

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    What is graphite and what is it made of?

    Graphite is one form (allotrope) of the element carbon. In graphite, carbon atoms are arranged in layers. This layering gives graphite many of its properties. How is Graphite Made? Graphite can be found naturally or may be created

    Blencowe Resources plc

    Graphite: what every resource investor needs to know

    Natural graphite is a soft, black, naturally occurring metallic mineral, composed of the element carbon (a crystalline, allotropic form of carbon). Graphite is used as a solid lubricant, as a moderator in nuclear reactors… and in pencils. Both

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    5 everyday products that contain graphite

    If you are like most people familiar with the periodic table, you might wonder how many of those substances you come in contact with on a daily basis. While carbon is known as the base element of most

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    The Orom-Cross graphite project

    The Orom-Cross Graphite Project lies within the Orom District, of northern Uganda. The Project tenements encompass an area of approximately 520,000 hectares stretching from Latitude 3°18’40’ to 3°30’40’ N and from Longitude 33°31’50’ to 33°45’40’ E. Access to

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    New campaign to revamp the mineral sector in Uganda

    The Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UCMP) in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Next Media Group have launched the 90-day oil and mining media campaign in which they will be highlighting the journey for Uganda’s

    Blencowe Resources plc

    EU wants battery autonomy, but first it needs graphite

    As Europe looks to declare its tech independence by becoming a leader in next-generation batteries, it will have to start by making its own graphite. The problem is, nearly all of it now comes from Asia, mainly China. Automakers

    Blencowe Resources plc

    The future of iron shafts is graphite

    For me, the process to accept the superiority of graphite has not been easy. Like many GolfWRX readers, I grew up with a clear goal—become an elite player. A rite of passage on this journey, was when you

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    Graphite mineral and its uses

    Graphite is a mineral composed of stacked sheets of carbon atoms with a hexagonal crystal structure. It is the most stable form of pure carbon under standard conditions. Graphite is very soft, has a low specific gravity, is relatively non-reactive, and has high electrical and thermal conductivity. Graphite

    Blencowe Resources plc

    Blencowe Resources “very active and successful quarter”

    Blencowe Resources plc (LON:BRES) has provided an update on all progress to date since its acquisition of the Orom-Cross Graphite Project in April, and its return to trading on LSE immediately thereafter. Highlights The Company’s Prospectus laid out

    Blencowe Resources plc

    Graphite/metal alloy bearings to the rescue

    Graphite/metal alloy bearings handle harsh environments that lubricated bearings can’t. For example, a grease-filled ball bearing was used on an oven-door latch—but in tests, the bearing seized and kept the door from latching. Engineers discovered that oven temperatures

    Blencowe Resources plc

    The fascinating uses of graphite in everyday life

    Coal, diamond, and graphite are the three allotropic forms in which carbon is found naturally. Graphite crystallizes in a platy form in a hexagonal arrangement. It is metamorphic in nature, and depending on where it’s found is rated

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