INTERVIEW: Fulham Shore Expanding with Strong Growth – Hardman & Co

The Fulham Shore Plc (LON:FUL) are the topic of conversation when Hardman & Co Analyst Mike Foster joins us on DirectorsTalk. Mike explains who and what the company do, the company expansion plan, Mikes research into the private equity transactions in the UK restaurant sector, Fulham shore as a cash generative company and how they compare to peers in the sector.

Fulham Shore was incorporated in March 2012. The Directors believed that there were attractive investment opportunities within the restaurant sector in the UK and that, given their collective experience in the restaurant sector, they could take advantage of the opportunities which existed. The ordinary shares of the Company were admitted to trading on AIM in October 2014 in order to capitalise on such opportunities and to give the company employees, customers and public the ability to share in the enterprise. Today Fulham Shore currently operates “The Real Greek” ( and “Franco Manca” ( restaurants, as well as a Bukowski Grill restaurant in Soho.

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