KRM22 announces first products to launch under agreement with Trading Technologies

KRM22 plc, (LON:KRM) the technology and software investment company that focuses on risk management for capital markets, has today announced the first two KRM22 risk products that Trading Technologies International Inc. is integrating into the TT platform.

In the second quarter of 2022, TT will launch KRM22 Limits Manager, a limit management system designed by KRM22 to combat time-consuming and potentially error-prone pre-trade risk processes by automating, maintaining and tracking trading limits within an easy-to-use application within the TT Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. 

The other new offering, which is planned for launch in the third quarter of 2022, will be KRM22 Risk Manager, a sophisticated, real-time, post-trade risk service which will significantly enhance the risk toolset available on the TT platform.  KRM22’s innovative risk scoring system will help traders instantly assess real-time margin and liquidity, creating a new way for futures traders to generate alpha under the most volatile market conditions.

Stephen Casner, CEO at KRM22 commented: “TT users will be able to add this important functionality without any infrastructure work or technology staff time.  KRM22 Limits Manager can bring trading staff valuable new tools for simplifying their processes and reducing errors, and back-office personnel key operational efficiencies, along with complete audit trail and limit history information.  We’re delighted to bring our cooperative agreement with TT to this critical product introduction phase.”

Jason Shaffer, EVP Product Management at TT, commented: “After completing the migration last year of all clients to our new SaaS TT platform, we’re now able to put more power into the hands of our customers than ever before.  This is exactly the sort of functionality our clients have told us they want to be able to access from within the platform to streamline their operations, and it represents the first of many integrations to come from innovative providers such as KRM22.  These two new products meaningfully enrich our overall offering and further demonstrate our commitment to growing the value of being on the TT network.”

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