Kromek CBRNE Homeland Security products

Security screening and nuclear threat detection products can mean the difference between life and death: we have the products you can rely on to keep you and your citizens safe whatever your mission.

Kromek CBRNE Homeland Security products range from wearable gamma radiation detectors to x-ray baggage scanner cameras.
Our range of ready to deploy CBRNE products address the needs of border protection, transport infrastructure security, hazmat response, military and defence, Homeland Security and event protection.

Kromek Group plc designs, develops and produces x-ray and gamma-ray imaging and radiation detection products for the medical, CBRNe security, Homeland Security and civil nuclear radiation detection markets.

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Kromek will be sending their products to NCT Pro, so that teams from different Dutch agencies and organizations at NCT Pro can be trained in different scenarios using our radiation detectors. Background In February 2020, the Dutch SOCOM


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A North East company specialising in biological threat detection is adapting its air monitoring technology to detect COVID-19. Kromek has received £1.25 million from Innovate UK to customise its pioneering system for automated detection of all airborne pathogens,


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For the purpose of determining a surface deposition density on soil for radio-caesium, a CdZnTe (CZT) semiconductor detector whose crystal has dimensions of 1 cm cubic was applied to the in situ environmental radioactivity measurement in deeply contaminated