Mid-sized businesses hit with an average of 159 million cyber threats in one month

NormCyber has revealed that UK businesses are being bombarded with millions of automated cyber threat events. In March 2023, the average mid-sized business, employing fewer than 250 people, faced a staggering 159 million threats, while for larger companies, with more than 250 employees, the average was 1.13 billion.

NormCyber’s data snapshot for the month of March is based on the number of cybersecurity events processed by its smartbloc. CSaaS platform. While the platform triaged billions of events during the month, only a small fraction required action. For the average mid-sized organisation, just 764 alerts required investigation and/or remediation by NormCyber’s UK-based Security Operations Centre (SOC). Of these, only 16 incidents were considered serious enough to flag up to the customer. For larger companies, an average of 2,421 alerts required SOC investigation, with just 12 incidents warranting customer attention.

Falanx Cyber Security Limited (LON:FCS) provides enterprise-class cyber security services and solutions. They deliver end-to-end cyber capabilities, either as specific engagements or as fully-managed services. 

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    Falanx Cyber Security plc

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