Open Orphan Investor Presentation March 2022 (Video)

Open Orphan plc (LON:ORPH) CEO Yamin ‘Mo’ Khan talks through its March 2022 Investor Presentation.

Open Orphan is a rapidly growing niche CRO pharmaceutical services company which is a world leader in the testing of vaccines and antivirals through the use of human challenge clinical trials.
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Open Orphan Plc

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Open Orphan Plc

Cocrystal Pharma partners with hVIVO

A growing specialist contract organization, hVIVO—a subsidiary of Open Orphan plc—has been tapped by Cocrystal Pharma to conduct a phase 2a clinical trial of its novel broad-spectrum, orally administered antiviral candidate, CC-42344. Housed in hVIVO’s state-of-the-art facility in

Open Orphan Plc

From bench to clinic: Hurdles in gene therapy development

Gene therapy offers significant potential to treat diseases with high unmet medical need. However, the unique nature of these therapies poses challenges in product development, namely: safety concerns, efficacy issues, or obstacles related to Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC). CMC

Open Orphan Plc

What is FluCamp?

FluCamp is all about improving the health of the population, through increasing understanding around common viral illnesses. Ultimately, the more that we understand about how viruses affect the human immune system, the more quickly we can find and

Open Orphan Plc

Open Orphan’s hVIVO signs £6.2m human challenge study contract

Open Orphan plc (LON:ORPH), a rapidly growing specialist contract research organisation (CRO) and world leader in testing infectious and respiratory disease products using human challenge clinical trials, has announced that hVIVO, a subsidiary of Open Orphan plc, has signed a

Open Orphan Plc

Where’s the demand in human challenge clinical trials?

In the early months of the pandemic, human challenge clinical trials drew amplified public interest on its potential to accelerate the hunt for Covid-19 vaccines. Fast forward two years later, while mainstream media buzz around this trial design has

Open Orphan Plc

The lowdown on hay fever

Allergic rhinitis or, as it is commonly known, hay fever, is a reaction to allergens in the air. Most commonly this is a reaction to the pollen count, but can also be to dust, mould or pet hair.

Open Orphan Plc

How to stay healthy in your 20’s

In your 20’s life tends to change dramatically – and it can be easy to let your health take a back seat. However, it is a period in which is vital to establish a healthy lifestyle, to ensure

Open Orphan Plc

CMC team capabilities New Chemical Entities

For 20+ years, members of the CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing and Control) team have supported and are supporting numerous pharmaceutical companies to ensure the timely development and manufacture of high-quality drug substances and drug products for non-clinical- and clinical

Open Orphan Plc

Omicron: The Lowdown

The COVID pandemic started at the turn of 2020. The virus was first detected in Wuhan, China and since then has spread around the globe and mutated into several different strains. As of June 2022, the most prevalent

Open Orphan Plc

The best supplements to support your health

The winter season can wreak havoc on your immune system, particularly when we spend much of our time huddled indoors, and our diet may become a little more carbohydrate based. Fortunately, science has allowed us to distill some

Open Orphan Plc

Research backs the annual flu jab

The flu jab has encountered some controversy during its time in circulation. However, recent research suggests that some of these rumoured negative effects may in fact not be true – and actually, the opposite might apply. According to

Open Orphan Plc

CMC team capabilities for biologics

For 20+ years, members of the CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls) team supported numerous (bio)pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies to ensure the development and manufacture of high-quality drug substances and drug products for » CMC management and strategy development

Open Orphan Plc

Open Orphan Investor Presentation – 2021 a good year, 2022 will be a great year

Open Orphan plc (LON:ORPH) Chief Executive Officer Yamin ‘Mo’ Khan talks through the FY2021 Financial Results and the outlook for 2022. Mo covers topics:The Vision,The Numbers,Overview,Key Strategic Value Adding Initiatives,Summary Financial Highlights,Attractive Market Dynamics,Growth of Vaccines & Anti-Virals,Outlook,Investment Case

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