Public Safety Agencies Deploy Drones to Plan for and Prevent Disasters

The Los Angeles Fire Department is using drones for pre-incident missions that create 3D maps of critical infrastructure. That way, if there’s a hostage situation in the future, an incident commander can view an existing 3D map of a college campus or neighborhood to deploy resources and develop escape routes for people, says battalion chief Richard Fields. 

“Instead of using Google Earth and relying on radio communications, now you have a multifaceted map that you can use to plan and direct resources very specifically,” he says.

LAFD’s fire prevention bureau is also using drones to map public parcels of land to determine where vegetation should be cleared to protect against fires, Fields says. 

Remote Monitored Systems PLC (LON:RMS) is focused on the continued development of the Company’s ‘Survey & Inspection’ business. RMS wholly owns Geocurve Limited a specialist data collection, surveying and data analysis business.

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