Real Estate Credit Investments robust performance through COVID (Analyst Interview)

Real Estate Credit Investments Limited (LON:RECI) is the subject of conversation when Hardman and Co Analyst Mark Thomas talks to DirectorsTalk. Mark explains what his report called ‘Improving returns on new opportunities’ is all about, chats about about the resilience of the existing portfolio through COVID-19, the new business and with a dividend that is nearly a 10% yield how safe it is.

Real Estate Credit Investments Limited is a closed-ended non-cellular company governed by the Companies (Guernsey) Law 2008. RECI’s investment objective is to provide Ordinary Shareholders with a levered exposure to a portfolio of Real Estate Credit Investments with stable returns in the form of quarterly dividends.

RECI focuses on secured commercial and residential debt in the UK and Western Europe by exploiting opportunities in publically traded securities and real estate loans. In making these investments the Company uses the expertise and knowledge of its Investment Manger, Cheyne Capital Management (UK) LLP. RECI has adopted a long term strategic approach to investing and focuses on identifying value.

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