SmartSpace Software highlights two recent client case studies for Space Connect

SmartSpace Software Plc (LON:SMRT), the leading provider of ‘Integrated Space Management Software’ for smart buildings, has highlighted two recent client case studies for Space Connect, its SaaS meeting room and desk management subsidiary, for the successful deployment of its software module platform to Travis Perkins, the UK’s largest distributor of building materials to the building, construction and home improvement markets and BUPA Australia, part of the international BUPA group, leading the market in health insurance, age and healthcare services.

Travis Perkins (TP)

Post-lockdown in 2020, TP began its selection of a ‘best-of-breed’ solution to help its staff return to the workplace in a covid-secure and managed fashion, with full data insights and contact tracing.

Key to TP’s requirements were that the solution needed to:

  1. Integrate with Google IDP for SingleSignOn (SSO)
  2. Be easy to scale up and down across the portfolio
  3. Control bookable stock and contact trace
  4. Integrate with Google Calendar for room bookings
  5. Be up and running in less than 2 months

Working with its reseller partner, Softcat, a trusted IT partner to TP, the project was awarded to Space Connect due to the adaptability of the Space Connect solution and the confidence that the team would deliver the smooth rollout needed. This included:

· Space Connect reconfiguring the Google integration at pace for both SSO and Room booking;

· TP rolling out with Space Connect desk booking across 6 locations nationwide; and

· TP Group brand, City Plumbing, rolling out with desk booking across 14 locations nationwide.

For more information on the Travis Perkins case study go to:

Martin Gallaher, Programme Manager at Travis Perkins said: “Flexibility along with key, value-driving features, made Space Connect our first choice. The opportunity to not commit to a certain number of desks and locations was a huge benefit in choosing Space Connect. We have a great working relationship with Softcat. This, and Space Connect’s flexibility helped so much, as the project scope changed with the uncertainties of Covid.”

BUPA Australia (BUPA)

In 2019, when BUPA’s Melbourne HQ became due for renovation, the leadership team decided the time had come to reimagine the way in which their employees could use the workspace. BUPA chose Space Connect to provide the tech solution they needed to enable an agile, easily managed workplace environment, based around room booking.

Adapting to a highly fluid situation under the strict new Covid rules, BUPA needed to be able to tightly control desk usage and building capacity, and manage and report on who was in the workplace, where, and when. They needed to be able to change the parameters, fast, as the rules changed. Space Connect’s unique self-configuration features made all of this easy, including:

· Self-reconfigurable, bookable desks;

· The admin ability to easily book and cancel desks on behalf of others; and

· Realtime views of current and forward desk availability.

Because Space Connect is so easily adaptable, scalable and configurable, BUPA now have all the flexibility they need to embrace a workplace future without Covid restrictions.

For more information on the BUPA case study go to:

Kedar Viswanathan, Head of Technology for Employee Experience and Corporate Services for BUPA in APAC said: “The way people work has changed for ever and that can be a hugely positive thing. In our Covid restrictions-free future we’ll explore ways of using floor space differently and even more productively – with less desks and more collaborative space, but still with the need for easy, flexible booking. I would recommend Space Connect for these reasons.”

Commenting on these two case studies, Frank Beechinor, CEO of Smartspace said: “These two Space Connect case studies with Travis Perkins and BUPA Australia, are further great illustrations of the flexibility, scalability, speed, and capabilities of our SaaS meeting room and desk management software modules. Continuing the move out of lockdown, the opportunities for us to facilitate COVID-safe working environments to new and existing customers continue to be key drivers for growth within Space Connect, working with our resellers like Softcat for Travis Perkins or directly with BUPA.”

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