Sustainable smart building innovation in legacy buildings

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have disrupted the real estate and facilities management industry. Wireless IoT sensors help key stakeholders monitor and manage building assets regardless of when and where they are. Sensors also enable different functionalities that save costs, improve tenant comfort and wellbeing, and boost environmental performance. Functionalities include predictive maintenance, data-driven asset management, smart resource allocation, and HVAC optimization.

Because of these benefits, new construction projects now account for the installation of numerous sensors to empower state-of-the-art Building Management Systems (BMS). In legacy buildings, however, there is a need to retrofit a proper set of sensors to build intelligence digitally. 

GS Technologies Ltd (LON:GST), through its subsidiary, EMS Wiring Systems Pte. Ltd, provides services in the “Smart Building” sector. Smart Building is a diverse term that refers to the technological capabilities of buildings and other work place facilities.

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