Symphony Environmental USA distributor signs exclusive supply agreement with TricorBraun

Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc (LON:SYM), the global specialist in technologies that make plastic and rubber products smarter, safer and more sustainable, has announced that its USA distributor of d2w biodegradable plastics technology for nutritional supplement bottles, Better Earth LLC has signed an exclusive supply agreement with TricorBraun for its BioBottles™ brand of polyethylene bottles for the nutraceutical industry.

TricorBraun is a global packaging company, and North America’s largest distributor of primary packaging. It operates from more than 100 locations across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. TricorBraun sold over 8 billion containers in 2022 and is working jointly with Better Earth, supporting its exclusive Agreement with a sales and marketing campaign in the US and Canada.


Symphony entered into a two year exclusive USA-focused, d2w supply contract with Better Earth in February 2022. Better Earth subsequently launched its nutritional supplement bottles, caps, and scoops using Symphony’s d2w biodegradable technology under Better Earth’s BioBottles™ brand “Plastic IQ™ Technology”. In November 2022, Symphony and Better Earth entered into a supplementary d2w supply contract extending the product scope to nutraceutical products, and expanding authorised geographies to include Canada.

Michael Laurier, CEO of Symphony, said:

I am delighted to report that sales of d2w to our strategic partner Better Earth are expected to increase significantly in 2023 and beyond. Working with partners such as Better Earth and – by extension – with global packaging leader TricorBraun – Symphony is well placed to capture a share of the US and Canadian bottle markets, with additional verticals in the bottle market still available to target.”

“More generally, partnerships such as these speak to an increased awareness in key markets of the efficacy of our d2w biodegradable technology.

The owners of Better Earth, Adam Ackerman and James Van Brocklin, said:

“Our mission is to develop technologies that turn ordinary plastic products into earth-friendly materials at the end of their useful lives and we plan on doing this one product at a time. That’s why we are delighted to be growing our commercial relationship with Symphony. By incorporating Symphony’s d2w biodegradable technology in our BioBottles™ we are able to deliver positive change in the bottling industry and look forward to delivering sustainable bottling solutions for our key customers such as TricorBraun.”

Rosalynd Resendiz, Vice President, Supply Chain, TricorBraun said:

“We are focused on offering sustainable packaging options for our customers-solutions that help protect both our customers’ products and the planet. We are pleased to partner with Better Earth and Symphony to deliver a sustainable yet cost-effective solution.”

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