The evolution of data center management software

In a growing connected economy, new demands require modern organizations to rethink how they effectively manage their data center environment. Beyond new requirements around the cloud, architectures around edge computing

What is a data center?

Data centers are where the world’s data is processed, organized and stored. Many data centers are located in buildings similar to warehouses. They are functional buildings that require little physical

Adopting a hybrid approach to security

THE PROS AND CONS OF MANNED SECURITY GSTechnologies (LON:GST) overall development of the group includes large customer accounts and growing their blockchain payment and financial services business, with blue sky

Enhancing and improving data centre security

The growth of cloud services and hyperscale computing means that more people than ever before are relying on the sheer power and capacity that data centers provide. And consumption of

How Singapore became a data centre powerhouse

Zach Marzouk Singapore is a relatively tiny country measuring just 726 square kilometres in total. Despite its small size, however, the city-state has become one of the major hubs for

Data centers are the engine of sustainability

There’s a common thread between the technological advances that we consider paradigm-shifting. Whether it’s the Model T, commercial flight, or the microwave oven, we can touch and feel each of

A new era of data centres in Singapore

Around the world, individuals and corporations are working to reduce their carbon footprints. In Southeast Asia, Singapore and other ASEAN countries are no exception as well. More initiatives are being