Take a look at the giant Lego animals in Knowsley Safari’s summer trail

Giant Lego animals made from a million bricks have arrived at Knowsley Safari for the summer holidays .

The Ultimate Brick Safari features more than 80 animals including Tenzin the Tiger, a towering Bengal tiger made from around 85,000 bricks, and Earl Grey the Elephant, who took a team of six builders more than nine weeks to create using more than 270,000 bricks.

There’s everything from a meerkat family and panda cubs, to hyenas, a gorilla and even Lego bats dangling in the trees.

Part of Live Company Group PLC (LON:LVCG), BRICKLIVE Group and Bright Bricks are an international toy brick building and events group. The Live Company Group PLC is not associated with the LEGO® Group.

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    Live Company Group PLC

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