Tech collaboration can mitigate major health care challenges

As the health care system faces unprecedented challenges in the form of workforce shortages, burnout and rising costs, technology and collaborative efforts offer the potential to mitigate some of these concerns—but they need to be used correctly and with upfront patient and physician input to guide their development.

Some 500 health and technology CEOs, innovators and policymakers met in Chicago for the event, sponsored by the Reuters news agency.

Dr. Resneck cited the examples of early burnout-inducing EHRs that were designed and rolled out with little physician input, device interfaces that aren’t “user-friendly,” and augmented intelligence, or “AI,” programs that introduced bias into their decision-making algorithms.

As a doctor founded, patient-focused company, Doctor Care Anywhere plc (ASX:DOC) believe that happy doctors mean happy patients. It’s a virtuous circle and one that we’ve built a great team to help keep going.

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