The Importance of Strengthening Your Cyber Security Culture

While a true culture change within an organization can take years, cyber security culture can’t wait that long.

A once widely held belief that IT is in charge of all things cyber security is changing across industries. Cyber security culture now must include everyone who has access to data. However, how clear is the understanding of this culture to every department in your organization?

A report from ISACA and CMMI Institute found that only 34% of employees know what their role is where cyber security is concerned. This would indicate that the cyber security culture that is supposed to be all-inclusive is not hitting the mark.

Falanx Group Ltd (LON:FLX), through its subsidiaries, provides cyber defence and intelligence services to blue chip and government clients worldwide. It operates through Falanx Cyber Defence and Falanx Intelligence divisions.

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Falanx Group Ltd

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