Volta Finance Limited reports 6.3% returns in Q1 2024 (LON:VLA)

Volta Finance Ltd (LON:VTA) continued to deliver strong returns with a performance for the month of March reaching +2.3% and bringing 2024 Q1 performance at +6.3%. For comparison, US High Yield returned +1.2% in March (+1.5% YtD), European High Yield returned +0.4% (+1.6% YtD) and US CLO BB returned +2.6% (+6.4% YtD).

Bond markets were rather volatile in March and saw a spurt in Yields during the first half of the month which was then partially offset as the Fed suggested that they may cut rates three times this year. In Europe, headline inflation read close to the ECB’s 2% target, still hinting for an ECB June cut. In the Loan markets, Euro Loans were down for a second consecutive month – the Morningstar European Leveraged Loan Index price moved from 96.80px to 96.65px in March total returns remained positive at +2.55% YtD due to the benefits of carry. On the US side, Loans reached 96.75px, their highest level since Q2 2022, YTD total returns stood at 1.6%.

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