4GLOBAL very strong sales opportunity pipeline and operating in a very favourable market (LON:4GBL)

4GLOBAL (LON:4GBL) Chief Executive Officer Eloy Mazon caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss listing on AIM, their typical customers, Sport England contract and what investors can expect in the coming months.

Q1: First off, congratulations on listing on AIM today, can you tell us what for 4GLOBAL does?

A1: We’re very excited to be listing today. As a business, we’re a technology data and services, sports and health international business and we generate a recurring revenues from our technology and data platform, but we also generate revenues from services associated to our platform. We help our clients tackling the physical inactivity problem and we do that through our data and the insights generated from our platform and that’s why, as you mentioned, we built one of the biggest physical activities databases in the world, or in other words, help people really consume sport and physical activity.

Q2: So, can you tell us then who your typical customers are?

A2: Our customers are grouped in two big categories, one is governments and cities, and we’re working with people like the City of Manchester or the City of Neom in Saudi Arabia or Lima in Peru so across the whole spectrum of cities. Governments and cities, they license our platform to allow them to identify and tackle the inactivity problems at a national and city level through the insights that they’re derived from our data.

The second group of customers that we have, these are activity providers and by that, I mean gyms and what activity actually takes place as well as federations like the FA is one of our clients. They license our platform to allow them to predict the customer behaviours, but also to identify opportunities for new facilities and the value that it adds to society.

Q3: Can you tell us more about the recent contract with Sport England and what it involves?

A3: So, we’ve got a great relationship with Sport England over the years and we’ve recently been awarded a fantastic contract, a four-year contract with them at a value of £4 million over that period. It’s for them to use our sports intelligent platform, that I was referring to early, to manage the investment into physical activity in cities and local authorities across England. This will really help Sport England to target the investment in physical activity across England, but also to very accurately measure the impacts and outcomes of those investments, all done through our platform. We’re really excited and honoured to have been selected to work with the Sport England which in our opinion, is one of the most prestigious projects going on at the moment.

Q4: Just going back to the intro, you’ve listed on aim today, can you tell us why you’ve listed on AIM?

A4: For us, there were two main drivers, there was a lot of reasons but two main drivers.

One of the pillars of a growth strategy is around acquisitions and we’re looking at acquisitions to really bring forward that event horizon of our growth and being listed makes this process of acquisition much more effective and efficient and we really believe they will accelerate our growth quite dramatically.

The second big driver for us to join the London Stock Exchange is that it really brings huge credibility, international and particularly in some of the markets in which we operate so it’s that halo effect that being listed brings and that credibility and the status that it brings.

Q5: Finally, what can investors expect from 4GLOBAL in the coming months?

A5: Well, we’ve got a very strong sales opportunity pipeline, as investors will be able to see from the IPO documentation, and  we’re very confident about our ability to convert those opportunities. We’re very hopeful that there will be a very strong flow of news coming from us and we currently operate in a market which is very, very favourable to us, to what we do, what we offer on our platform. Thus, we’ve just seen with this Sport England, but many other projects that we signed up in the last couple of months.

So, it’s a very strong sales opportunity pipeline, hope for very strong flow of news from us and operating in a very favourable market.

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